Heavenly Talks with Cynthia - Spirit Communication Gatherings and More
                                 Other offered services
Angel Card Readings
Angel Card Reading
Reading in person or by phone
Price: $30.00
This a 30 minute card reading that can be done in person, by phone and email. What period have you just completed and where are you going in life?
Heavenly Talks  with Cynthia Gathering                                              
$25/ per person, $250 minimum group reading 
$45/ per person for 20 min. private readings
 This is a 2 hour gathering for communicating with those who have crossed over and are present in spirit.  This also includes a question and answer session with Cynthia.  It is about the people present finding closure for things that were possibly left unsaid. Not everyone will be guaranteed a reading. For $45 per  
Private Medium Session                                             
 This session, is designed to help you communicate with loved ones who have passed or to receive messages from your spirit guides and guardian angels. Available by phone and email.
Reiki  Session                                                                                                   
$60/ 1 hour
 A hands-on energy healing session can be done in person or by distance healing. It is offered by many hospitals today for their surgery and cancer patients as a complement to modern medicine and as an alternative healing method.. Distance reiki is available.
Intensive Reiki  Healing Treatment  5 weeks / 8 sessions                             
 Cynthia is a certified Reiki Master and Teacher. Week one consists of four, one hour Reiki treatments followed by a one hour Reiki treatment for the next four weeks. These energy healing treatments will help you to relax and re-establish the energy flow around your chakras to help promote an over-all feeling of healing and wellness. Many hospitals are now offering Reiki to surgery patients to aid in quicker recovery and with cancer patients to help ease the side effects of chemotherapy.  
Animal Reiki Session                                                                                      
$45/ 30 minute session
 Our pets are much more receptive to Reiki energy and are able to absorb the energy faster. Incredible results have been seen with furry clients who have experienced better movement, relaxation and increased energy. Shadow, the golden retriever, loved Reiki and would make sure he was first whenever Reiki energy was flowing in family sessions. Distance reiki healing is available.
Animal  Communication  Session                                                                
session 30 to 45 minutes
 Our pets can be very chatty if we would only listen and observe their body language.  Cynthia will communicate with your pet and then give you tips on how to do it yourself. This will help you become more in tune to your pet's subtle signs of trying to let you know what they want. $80/session to go your place or to your barn. Available by phone or email.
Animal Communication with Cynthia Gathering         
$45/  per pet for $20 min.  $250 minimum 
 This 2 hour gathering is done the same way as the Heavenly Talks except we are listening to what our pets have to say. These enlightening gatherings can be filled with laughter and tears.
 There is a fee for traveling over 20 miles, fee is subject to distance.
To schedule one of these services or to request more information please call 610-781-7074 or email heavenlytalks@comcast.net
Disclaimer: For legal purposes this service is for entertainment only. Services are provided to adults age 18 years or older or with the written consent of the legal guardian of a minor child. Cynthia makes every effort to give helpful information and accuracy can not be guaranteed, nor is any guarantee of outcome or particular results implied.
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